Help Us Want to GM? Run a Demo? Volunteer? Sponsor? Part of a Fanclub?

We are a tiny company, and we can’t put on a big event like this without help from people like you!  Read on to learn more about various opportunities that we can provide and where we are accepting help.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Make sure that you read through all of the expectations of our volunteers, as well as understand the compensation policy.



We are interested in extremely trustworthy individuals who we can rely upon as an extension of ourselves. Our volunteer staff will be working 5-hour shifts on various stations that need to be manned throughout the primary hours of the con, such as the registration desk, the game wall, and our reverse auction. We’ll also need some extra hands for setup and teardown, as well as other positions that may become available.

If you are interested in helping us, please drop us an email and let us know that you want to help. Make sure to include what days you are available, any past experience that you have and if there are any aspects of volunteering you are most interested in.


Do you want to GM a public RPG, such as a D&D Adventurer’s League module? Are you interested in running a tournament for a specific game (board, card, or war) and have experience doing so? Are you a representative of a larger gaming group that could meet either of those categories? Regardless, we are interested in hearing from you. People who enjoy running scheduled activities provide guaranteed entertainment for attendees and structure to the event.

If you are interested email a proposal to us and make sure to include the following details:

  • Your name & contact information
  • What game or gaming system you will be using
  • A name for your event / scenario name
  • The amount of time this event will take
  • How many players will be able to participate
  • Do you wish to run this multiple times or once
  • Are there any specific requirements to run the event
  • What days are you available to run it (and do you have any time restrictions)
  • How much knowledge are players required to have to play
  • Is there anything that players are required to bring with them
  • Your experience with the gaming system
  • A full detailed description of exactly what you are proposing and why you should be the one to do it

We will be accepting proposals on a rolling basis.


For game demonstrations, we expect that you are either an official ambassador for the gaming company or a very advanced player. Official demos are designed to be quick-easy introductions. They should be fairly short so many people can be rotated through, which often means designing a specific ‘learning scenario’ that teaches the basics of the game without requiring a full-length playthrough. It should, however, leave players excited for the game, and ready to play for real on their own. We expect that you would be bringing a copy of the game with you, and would prefer if additional copies could be made available in our game library.

So this means submitting a proposal with the same information as a GM or Tournament Judge would, but now also including information convincing us that you are an excellent choice to be running this game.


There are other ways to help us out besides donating your time! If you are interested in sponsoring the event we would love to chat with you. Whether the sponsorship is purely a financial one in exchange for branding, or if for example, you wish to donate game products to us for our game wall or Play-to-Win area.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the event, we do have limited vendor space available, we will have information about how to become a vendor available soon on a separate page.

Finally, if you are a member of a Fanclub or any other similar group and are interested in having an official presence at the event (such as a table to recruit new fans from!) we are also interested to talk with you and see what we can work out.



Compensation Policy

We understand the amount of effort that goes into planning a demo, or GM’ing a public campaign. Not to mention effort volunteering to keep the conference running smoothly (which can sometimes be dull). Therefore we want to reward that by offering complimentary tickets to those who help us out; however, we have a budget and need to keep all our costs in check. As a way to balance these two we have developed the following policy:

We will provide a free ticket for the day if you volunteer for a 5-hour working shift, or run a game (GM/judge/demo/etc.) for 20 player-hours. Player-hours are calculated by the number of players, not including yourself, who will be participating in your gaming activity, multiplied by the number of hours it will take. For example, GM a RPG campaign for 5 players for 4 hours, that’s 20 player-hours, and you get a free ticket for the day you GM. Offer to run demos of a war game that is for 2 players and takes a half-hour to demo? That’s 4 player-hours per hour that you demo it, so demo for 5 hours, and you have a free day. Do that each day of the con and you’ve got yourself a full weekend ticket complimentary. The time does not have to be in only one activity; you could run multiple smaller activities. We certainly won’t restrict you to only 20 player-hours, if you love doing something, we’d love to have you for as long as you want! We do trust you to make accurate estimates of how many players you can handle, and how long the games will last. You will not be penalized if you have fewer players show up than you proposed, once we accept you, the ticket is granted. (In some circumstances, at our discretion, we may allow someone to volunteer or GM for multiple shifts in one day, and earn additional days worth of ticket.) If you only receive 1-2 days free and wish to attend extra days, you can buy those days at the prevailing rate.

We expect to receive more proposals than we have space for, and retain all rights to decide what we allow, and when it happens, to balance the schedule to the needs of the attendees. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee acceptance. You will receive either a decline or accept response from us, if you don’t, please reach back after a reasonable period of time.

For what it’s worth, we are also a 1st-year con with large overhead costs. If you are able and willing to pay for a ticket regardless and don’t need the complimentary one, we sincerely appreciate it.


All volunteers (including people running a game) are expected to abide by the following:

  • You are expected to show up on time to your scheduled activity, and be able to stay through the end.
  • You are expected to bring all materials that you need and to have promptly communicated to us well in advance any additional requirements that you had.
  • You agree to abide by our Code of Conduct that applies to all attendees. Doubly for yourself as you are acting as one of our appointed representatives.
  • It is assumed that you will be an extension of our eyes and ears during your time on shift. You will ensure that everyone has a valid attendee badge, and promptly report any issues to us via channels that will be made available to you.
  • You will ensure that your area is left cleaned and put back in the original state it began (or better).
  • All activities at BFGcon are to be kept at a family-friendly level. Profanity and vocal volume should be kept to a minimum, and sexually explicit imagery is forbidden.
  • If running a game:
    • You will keep to the proposal that you made, and not substantially change the nature of the game from it.
    • We expect a high level of attention to be put towards a quality gaming experience. Those who receive poor reviews by our attendees, or who show up unprepared, will not be invited back to GM again in the future.
    • In order to be fair to paying attendees, you must agree that signups for your event are first-come, first-served, with no spaces being held for your friends. For events such as tournaments and RPGs that have limited attendance, we will use an online signup tool in advance of the event.
  • Finally, we do understand that accidents and catastrophes happen. We expect you to make a good faith effort to uphold your side of this agreement, and to contact us as early as possible if you are concerned you will not be able to do so that we can work towards an amicable solution. In recognition of the possibility of catastrophic events (fire, death, etc.) One for All Events, Inc. and our volunteers agree to hold each other legally blameless for failure to deliver the agreed-upon terms in the instance of such events.