Our vendors listed below will be open for your shopping pleasure during the following hours: 12-7PM Friday, 10-6PM Saturday, and 10-5PM Sunday.

Game Hunters

Game Hunters is a collectibles store highly focused on Magic the Gathering and located in Frederick, Maryland.

TNT Laser Works

TNT Laser Works is your source for all your custom game accessories. If you can dream it, they can probably make it for you.


Brainstorm Comics

Your stop for new weekly comics, back issues, graphic novels and tpbs, gaming supplies. We also carry Warhammer and Games Workshop products, role-playing books, the largest dice selection in Frederick, and trading card games including Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and Heroclix. Plus a large selection of unique board games. Special orders are always welcome!




Silver Dragon Studio

Silver Dragon Studio offers collectible cards, RPG books, and Dice, Dice, and More Dice!  They also offer dice accessories (dice bags, boxes etc) as well as comics and graphic novels.

Novel Books 

Novel Books provides new and used books, gaming merchandise, and accessories.








Adventure Away

Adventure Away is a unique weekend get-away experience, where guests are treated to an immersive table-top game.  
Our professional team works to create a stressfree weekend in a B & B setting. We structure an in-depth role-playing storyline with you and your friends as the main characters. Check into our D&D B&B and have an ADVENTURE AWAY!