Clarion Inn & Event Center

Where is this?  It will take place at the Clarion Inn & Event Center in Frederick, MD.  We have an AMAZING discounted hotel rate for attendees and a really unique event space that we look forward to sharing with you. This is a full-service venue with restaurant & bar, as well as fun features such as a pool and indoor putt-putt course. There is plenty of free parking available to attendees, and if you manage to find time to leave the venue during the event, it’s next door to the FSK mall, giving you many options for food and shopping.

Address: 5400 Holiday Drive, Frederick, MD 21703
Phone: (301) 694-7500


Event Space

We are excited about the unique space that we have available for gaming. It’s an indoor open courtyard (complete with fake clouds) that gives us quite a large amount of open gaming space!  In addition, we’ve secured two conference rooms that directly open off of that big open area to use for more dedicated gaming areas, tournaments and group roleplaying games, plus a separate vendor area and room for a silent game auction! We should have plenty of room for everyone (and if we grow large enough, we have a whole separate ballroom we could also contract!)

The area also includes a built-in stage that we’ll be using for our evening musical concerts!




Book your Hotel

We’ve negotiated a block rate of only $99/night if you wish to stay at the venue with us!  It runs until March 9th and given that we have plans to run gaming until late into the night, we think you just might want to. You have two options for booking within the group and getting the discount.  You can either call the hotel directly at (301) 694-7500 and say that you are with the ‘BFGcon’ group.  Or you can use the button below to book directly online.  Please reach out to us if you have any issues getting your room booked or if the website claims that the block is full.  We will get it extended!


Special Rooms

In fact, if you want the ultimate tabletop experience, we have a few first-come-first-served rooms that are literally right in the event space, so that you can walk outside your hotel room and immediately into the gaming. They open onto a balcony just above the gaming floor, and you could choose to open your room and/or balcony into an extended private gaming area with friends!  (You will need to call the hotel directly to guarantee one of these rooms if desired.)


Getting Here

If you are driving to BFGcon you’ll find that it’s an easy drive. Google Maps will directly take you to the venue, and there is ample free parking for both overnight and day-guests. For guests who plan on using public transportation to reach the venue, we’ve put together some helpful information below:

Reaching the venue from the Monocacy MARC Station

  • The Monocacy MARC Train station is conveniently located just behind a shopping center across a road from the venue.
  • The walk from the train station to the venue takes just 19 minutes and is 0.9 miles.
  • Or if you wish, you can take the Frederick TransIT bus route 20, which runs from the station to right in front of the Clarion and costs $1.50

Reaching the venue from Shady Grove Metro Station

  • The closest DC Metro stop to Frederick is Shady Grove at the end of the Red Line.
  • Option 1 – Commuter Bus
    • The MTA runs a commuter bus from Shady Grove to the Monocacy MARC Station (see above)
    • You will want Bus 505, and it will take approximately 32 minutes and cost $4.00.
    • Please note that this bus ONLY runs on weekdays, so this is only an option if you are coming up on Thursday or Friday, and not heading back until Monday morning.
  • Option 2 – Uber/Taxi
    • You can, of course, get a Taxi or Uber from the Shady Grove metro station, and this will be your only choice for the weekend.
    • It’s estimated that an Uber will cost ~$35-$40 for the one-way trip using Uber X.

Using the MARC Commuter Train

  • You can take the Brunswick line of the MARC Train system to reach the Monocacy Station listed above, which originates at Union Station in DC.
  • A trip from Union Station will cost $8.00, and take approximately 90 minutes.
  • Again as a commuter train, this line only runs on weekdays and a different option would have to be used on Saturday or Sunday.

Using Greyhound

  • Whether coming from DC or anywhere else in the world, Frederick has a Greyhound bus station downtown. It happens to coincide with the Frederick MARC station (different from the Monocacy one)
  • However, the same Frederick TransIT bus line, Bus Route 20, will take you from the downtown MARC to the venue for $1.50
  • For example, booking a Greyhound trip from Union Station in DC to Frederick, will cost you just $9.00, and take approximately 2.5hrs