Just a spot to hold those details that don’t fit anywhere else, and to share answers to the questions that we do in fact get asked!

  • How do I sign up for games with limited spaces?
    • We have a custom software solution we’ve built for this year.  Everyone who buys a ticket will get an account they can use to Login to the website.  Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to go to any event page through the schedule, and sign up for events that you want to participate in.
  • When when signups for games open?
    • VIP ticket holders will be able to sign up for games starting February 6th (in the evening).  And all regular ticket holders will be allowed to start doing it one week later on February 13th.
  • When will I get my account details?
    • If you’ve purchased your ticket before the appropriate signup dates, just be patient.  You will get your account details at some point before signups begin.   If you purchase your ticket AFTER the Feb 6 / Feb 13 dates, you should get your email almost immediately with your details.
  • Can I see a customized schedule for myself?
    • Yes!  After you’ve started to add things to your schedule, you can see a full list of those items on your customized Profile Page.
  • Can I do at BFGcon?
    • The answer is probably yes, as long as it’s related to gaming or geek culture. You can always email us to clarify. Also, make sure to check out our Help Us page if you are looking to run an activity.
  • Changing profile information
    • Your profile photo is a gravatar, based on your email address, and completely controllable by you.  Just head to the gravatar website to learn how to change it for all websites that use them.  (NOTE: At this point in time the other profile information is not changeable, we will be fixing that in a future software update)

That’s it for now.  Check back later for more updates!