Event: BFGcon All-Stars Live RPG Event!


Are you a fan of watching other people play RPGs?  Well if you aren’t, you are in the minority now a-days, with extremely popular shows getting tons of viewers such as Critical Role and Acquisitions Inc.  With lots of Youtube and Twitch streamers playing daily.

We are going to give you a live taste of how exciting, funny, and thrilling this experience can be! (Or at least we hope so!).   Join us in the Winchester Room at 6pm on Friday for the first annual BFGcon All-Stars RPG game.
We will be setting up a 2hr long game panel-style and designed for you to join in as the audience.  The players will be a number of the BFGcon directors and some special guests that we’ll be inviting to join us.  What type of campaign will we be playing?  What game system?  We don’t know ourselves at the moment!  (Though there is debate between D&D 5e and Old School Red Box right now)
Be a part of this inaugural event, and be ready to heckle!
Friday 6:00pm (Mar 15)
Friday 8:00pm (Mar 15)
Not Limited
Type of Event:
Geek Culture
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Players: (3)

  • Andrea Griffin Andrea Griffin
  • Anna Murcko Anna Murcko
  • Wade Kemper Wade Kemper