Event: Weiss Schwarz Demo


Weiß Schwarz is a CCG produced in collaboration with some of the most popular animation/ video game works in Japan. Players separate the “Weiß” side which features mainly pretty characters from the “Schwarz” side featuring cool characters.

Though the title consists of various kinds of card sets, a carefully planned system and rules make it possible for players to mix any of them on each side and enjoy the game.

Weiẞ Schwarz has about 10,000 different cards available. There are 3 main types of cards, namely the character cards, event cards, and climax cards. Character cards form the base of the game, serving as your means of damaging the opponent and subsequently defeating them. Event cards act as an instant play card during the main phase which may give functions like retrievals or healing effects. Although these cards can only be used once, they are strong. Climax cards act as means to boost your soul and power damage output during your climax phase upon play, increase soul output or resources advantage upon triggering during trigger phase and also serves as damage canceler during damage phase.

Come learn how to play Weiss Schwarz!

Sunday 2:00pm (Mar 17)
Sunday 3:00pm (Mar 17)
Not Limited
Type of Event:
CCG / LCG, Demo, Weiss Schwarz
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