Event: DDEP08-03: Last Call at the Yawning Portal (Tier 4)


Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League:  Last Call Of The Yawning Portal.

Durnan has closed the Yawning Portal Tavern and has mysteriously disappeared back down the well into the dungeons of Undermountain.  His old adventuring companion Mirt has put down his tankard and taken up his sword to find him, but he can’t do it alone.  Adventurers gather from afar to answer his call and rescue one of the city’s most iconic heroes.  Will YOU join them?

A special interactive Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League Epic event for characters levels 1-20.  Take part in this special multi-table interactive event.  All welcome, suitable to new and experienced league players alike!  This signup if for characters level 17-20 (Tier 4).

Saturday 8:00pm (Mar 16)
Sunday 12:00am (Mar 17)
Type of Event:
D&D Adventurers League, RPG
  • Yiou Zhang Yiou Zhang
  • Jonathan Ma Jonathan Ma
10, 9
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Players: (13/14)

  • Alan Harner Alan Harner
  • Benjamin Heise Benjamin Heise
  • Brian Kough Brian Kough
  • Charles Peacock Charles Peacock
  • Daniel Schelb Daniel Schelb
  • Darion Smith Darion Smith
  • Mr. Daryl Mr. Daryl
  • Jon Soderberg Jon Soderberg
  • Kenneth Beckman Kenneth Beckman
  • Leigh Smith Leigh Smith
  • Rebecca Wysocki Rebecca Wysocki
  • Tariq Ali Tariq Ali
  • Ted Wysocki Ted Wysocki