Event: CCC-GHC-BK1-06: Legacy and Virtue


Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League:  Legacy and Virtue.

The lands of Hawkgarth have long been known as “the Wood of Many Monsters”.  It is rumored that an archmage of some ancient kingdom busied himself with the creation of new and terrible beasts in this place, and champions from all over Faerûn would come to test their mettle.  A blood-red beast terrorizes the villages at night, and the normally stoic residents are quick to recruit able-bodied heroes.  Too bad you’re not their first choice!

A two-hour Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League adventure for characters level 1-4 set in the Border Kingdoms.

About the Border Kingdoms 

The Border Kingdoms is a tumultuous land between the Lake of Steam and the Shaar in the Forgotten Realms.  According to the sage Meriadas of Westgate: “The Border Kingdoms are the most favored destination for adventurers who want to proudly and boldly conquer a realm or establish their own new kingdom. Lords, counts, dukes, kings and emperors rise, proclaim themselves, and are swept away with the speed and regularity of waves crashing upon a shore.”

Friday 11:00am (Mar 15)
Friday 1:00pm (Mar 15)
Type of Event:
D&D Adventurers League, RPG
  • Daniel Elwell Daniel Elwell
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Players: (7/7)

  • Alison Mocko Alison Mocko
  • Daniel Elwell Daniel Elwell
  • James Mattaboni James Mattaboni
  • Martin Leathers Martin Leathers
  • Ralph Aubry Ralph Aubry
  • Ryan Lewis Ryan Lewis
  • Stephen Nason Stephen Nason