Event: DDAL-ELW00: What’s Past Is Prologue


Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League Eberron:  What’s Past is Prologue.

Sharn, City of Towers.  They reach into the sky like the stone fingers of civilization that they are.  They hold secrets and promises, and break the same just as quickly as they make new ones.  You’ve got an opportunity to make a little coin by assisting with an expedition for Morgrave University; this should be easy money and not a lot of trouble… right?

This two-hour adventure uses six level 0 pregenerated characters and takes place in the world of Eberron during the final days of the Last War.  This prologue adventure kicks of the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League campaign:  Embers of the Last War.  At the end of the adventure, the player characters are retired and become NPCs for the other adventures in the storyline.  Play the entire Eberron campaign, Embers of the Last War at BFGCon 2019!  

Friday 9:00am (Mar 15)
Friday 11:00am (Mar 15)
Type of Event:
D&D Adventurers League, RPG
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Players: (4/6)

  • Blaise Simpson Blaise Simpson
  • Frank Pan Frank Pan
  • Skylar Hsu Skylar Hsu
  • Timothy Sauline Timothy Sauline