Event: CCC-GHC-BK1-07: The Peculiar Case Of The Selptan Felines


Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League:  The Peculiar Case of the Selptan Felines.

Well that’s odd.  There sure are a lot of cats in the hamlet of Selpt.  In fact, it seems as if just about everyone has one, and boy do they pamper those cats.  Even if you’ve never been a cat person, it’s hard to say no.  In fact, you should probably be adopted by one straight away.  Yes, that’s it. You belong to that cat.  Who’s a pretty human?

A two-hour Dunegons & Dragons Adventurers League adventure for characters level 1-4 set in the Border Kingdoms.  

About the Border Kingdoms

The Border Kingdoms is a tumultuous land between the Lake of Steam and the Shaar in the Forgotten Realms.  According to the sage Meriadas of Westgate: “The Border Kingdoms are the most favored destination for adventurers who want to proudly and boldly conquer a realm or establish their own new kingdom. Lords, counts, dukes, kings and emperors rise, proclaim themselves, and are swept away with the speed and regularity of waves crashing upon a shore.”

Friday 2:00pm (Mar 15)
Friday 4:00pm (Mar 15)
Type of Event:
D&D Adventurers League, RPG
  • Jay Marland Jay Marland
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Players: (6/7)

  • Martin Leathers Martin Leathers
  • Ralph Aubry Ralph Aubry
  • Ryan Lewis Ryan Lewis
  • Stephen Nason Stephen Nason
  • Thomas Campbell Thomas Campbell
  • William Altizer William Altizer