Event: CCC-GHC-BK1-08: The Hunt For Cutter Jack


Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League:  The Hunt for Cutter Jack.

Rumor has it the brigand Cutter Jack is holed up with his latest score in one of the haunted keeps outside Arnglar.  There’s a tidy bounty on Cutter Jack’s head too, so it might be worth checking out.

A two-hour Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League adventure for characters level 1-4 set in the Border Kingdoms.

About the Border Kingdoms

The Border Kingdoms is a tumultuous land between the Lake of Steam and the Shaar in the Forgotten Realms.  According to the sage Meriadas of Westgate: “The Border Kingdoms are the most favored destination for adventurers who want to proudly and boldly conquer a realm or establish their own new kingdom. Lords, counts, dukes, kings and emperors rise, proclaim themselves, and are swept away with the speed and regularity of waves crashing upon a shore.

Friday 4:00pm (Mar 15)
Friday 6:00pm (Mar 15)
Type of Event:
D&D Adventurers League, RPG
  • Jay Marland Jay Marland
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Players: (6/7)

  • Martin Leathers Martin Leathers
  • Ralph Aubry Ralph Aubry
  • Ryan Lewis Ryan Lewis
  • Stephen Nason Stephen Nason
  • Thomas Campbell Thomas Campbell
  • William Altizer William Altizer