Event: Doki Doki Volleyball Demo


Tanto Cuore: Doki Doki Beach Volleyball is a quick fifteen-minute two-player spinoff game to the Tanto Cuoreseries. Featuring new art from Tanto Cuore artists, Doki Doki Beach Volleyball takes a few maids from Romantic Vacation on another adventure! Laura, Adorianna, Fea, and Valencia have taken a day off and hit the beach to play a quick and easy combat beach volleyball game.

Two players battle their teams against one another to become queens of the net! Each player is dealt character cards, action cards, and attack/spike cards. Taking turns, the players play special actions and make attacks against the opposing team trying to score points. Whoever wins the most of three rounds!

Come learn how to play Doki Doki Volleyball! Just a heads up, the art for the game has anime girls in swimsuits, so if that is/isn’t for you, now you know.

Friday 7:00pm (Mar 15)
Friday 8:00pm (Mar 15)
Not Limited
Type of Event:
CCG / LCG, Demo, Doki Doki Volleyball
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