Event: Failing Forward: Intro to Game Mastering


Whether you’re an old-school veteran looking to polish your GM skills, or a player who’s never taken on the role of Game Master before, join us for this fun and interactive workshop to build confidence and skills you can bring back to your gaming group!

This workshop will cover:

1. Time-efficient and effective GM prep
2. GMing games that are flexible, player-focused and player-driven
3. How to improvise complications and story beats (using Powered by the Apocalypse system as an example)

Friday 2:30pm (Mar 15)
Friday 4:30pm (Mar 15)
Not Limited
Type of Event:
Panel, Geek Culture
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Players: (3)

  • Benjamin Azat Benjamin Azat
  • Stephen Mumford Stephen Mumford
  • Wade Kemper Wade Kemper