Event: GHR-KEO19-04: Bargains


Dungeons & Dragons Greyhawk Reborn:  Bargains.

Times are changing in the Empire, and you have helped in some small way.  You are once again heading to the port city of Gradsul.  Hopefully things will turn out differently, perhaps not.  A little-known personage is looking for a favor, would you possibly even consider it?  Strange times indeed.

A four-hour Greyhawk Reborn Story-arc Social Urban Intrigue adventure for character levels 8-14 by Tony Antonich with Dave Guerrieri.  Part 3 of the Sign of the Times saga.

NOTE: This adventure is focused on resourceful problem solving rather than open combat. The ‘Intrigue’ tag represents a greater focus on skills and roleplaying.  Understand as a player, actions may have great and sudden consequences, and the players at the table drive the direction of this adventure.


Saturday 9:00am (Mar 16)
Saturday 1:00pm (Mar 16)
Type of Event:
Greyhawk Reborn, RPG
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Players: (6/6)

  • Anna OConnor Anna OConnor
  • Brendan OConnor Brendan OConnor
  • David OConnor David OConnor
  • Erik Keen Erik Keen
  • Jason Stypinski Jason Stypinski
  • Lucas Wilson Lucas Wilson