Event: D&D 5e Living Arcanis – INTRO-02: A Thousand Words


IDungeons & Dragons 5e Living Arcanis:  A Thousand Words.

The fool desires to live forever.  The average man desires to be remembered forever.  The wise man desires that his actions be remembered but cares not whether his name is forgotten.  All men crave immortality in their own way, and this desire makes all men craven when they should be bold; foolish when they should be wise.   – Elandre val’Assante.

When a painting is worth a thousand words, what image might those words paint?  Not everything is black and white in Faerdlau as the Heroes are invited to speak with Ryter Ealdmar val’Holryn.

Welcome to Living Arcanis, a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Living Campaign set in the world of the Shattered Empires.  Living Arcanis is an epic fantasy campaign with grim overtones, designed for role-players that enjoy intrigue and a bit of moral ambiguity in their adventurers.  Arcanis shines in creating an immersive environment where your characters are faced with hard-choices and their actions have consequences.  From the Coryani Empire and many of its breakaway provinces, to the dwarven enclaves and the Bright Nations of the Elorii, the Blessed Lands, prepare for exotic mysteries and epic adventure.  Prepare to leave your mark upon the Shattered Empires!

A four-hour introductory Dungeons & Dragons Living Arcanis Adventure for characters level 1-3, optimized for APL 2.  No experience needed, all materials provided.

Friday 2:00pm (Mar 15)
Friday 6:00pm (Mar 15)
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D&D Living Arcanis, RPG
  • Angus Smith Angus Smith
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  • Tracy Canniff Tracy Canniff