Event: Lightseekers Demo


The Lightseekers trading card game is a standalone physical game that includes 385+ lovingly crafted printed cards, each scannable by the Lightseekers video game to unlock in-game effects such as new spells, boosts or even pets that will fight alongside you! Each card is embedded with a one-time in-game bonus.

Each player in the trading card game takes control of a hero who uses an arsenal of cards, featuring spells, creatures, items, and locations, to defeat their opponents.

The heroes of the game use a specific branch or subset of the magical energy, which is referred to as an ‘Order’. There are six known Orders that equate to six different playstyles.

The game is quick and easy to learn, but also provides great depth for advanced players who wish to experiment with deck building and tactical play using unique mechanics.

Come learn how to play Lightseekers!

Friday 9:00am (Mar 15)
Friday 10:00am (Mar 15)
Not Limited
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CCG / LCG, Demo, Lightseekers
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  • Chris Shockey Chris Shockey