Event: Meeple League Ticket to Ride Tournament


With elegantly simple gameplay, Ticket to Ride can be learned in under 15 minutes, while providing players with intense strategic and tactical decisions every turn. Players collect cards of various types of train cars they then use to claim railway routes in North America. The longer the routes, the more points they earn. Additional points come to those who fulfill Destination Tickets – goal cards that connect distant cities; and to the player who builds the longest continuous route.

“The rules are simple enough to write on a train ticket – each turn you either draw more cards, claim a route, or get additional Destination Tickets,” says Ticket to Ride author, Alan R. Moon. “The tension comes from being forced to balance greed – adding more cards to your hand, and fear – losing a critical route to a competitor.”

Win a trophy and Meeple League tournament points!

Ticket to Ride 1910 (Mega) version of the game will be used.

Saturday 10:00am (Mar 16)
Saturday 1:00pm (Mar 16)
Type of Event:
Tournament, Board Game
  • Marcia Morelli Marcia Morelli
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Players: (11/16)

  • Amy Rule Amy Rule
  • Anna Murcko Anna Murcko
  • Jared Liscinsky Jared Liscinsky
  • Karen Daniel Karen Daniel
  • Lee Mewshaw Lee Mewshaw
  • Mairi Lee Mairi Lee
  • Marcia Morelli Marcia Morelli
  • Norman Rule Norman Rule
  • Steve Strote Steve Strote
  • Tessa Gunnell Tessa Gunnell
  • Tommy Lee Tommy Lee