Event: Oh Crit!


An improvised theatrical comedy riot — fused with an RPG adventure! Oh Crit! is a wildly-nerdy and hysterically-funny theatrical experience that is a must-see for Gamers, D&D Enthusiasts, and Comedy Fans!

Join them as they embark on adventures untold, creating a story of twists and turns, bizarre characters, battles, unforeseen deaths, and occasional epic failures… all with the help from you (the audience) and the whim of an unforgiving 20-sided die!

Saturday 6:00pm (Mar 16)
Saturday 7:00pm (Mar 16)
Not Limited
Type of Event:
Entertainment, Live Action Comedy
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Players: (14)

  • Alex Arzt Alex Arzt
  • Andrew Oldfield Andrew Oldfield
  • Aurora Oldfield Aurora Oldfield
  • C Davd Dent C Davd Dent
  • Chuck Fowler Chuck Fowler
  • Ethan Bright Ethan Bright
  • Heather Ackroyd Heather Ackroyd
  • Katie Leser Katie Leser
  • Nick Fowler Nick Fowler
  • Robin Anderson Robin Anderson
  • Ryan Blodgett Ryan Blodgett
  • Thomas White Thomas White
  • Tina Blaik Tina Blaik
  • Trevor Cline Trevor Cline