Event: O5R 5e: Beneath the Abbey


Dungeons & Dragons 5e, run old-school style:  Beneath the abbey.  

Firstly, we must all agree that you are not BRAND NEW adventurers.  Sure, you were bakers, cobblers, gongfarmers, before, but now, you’re in the Big Leagues.  You’ve got gear.  Experience.  Hirelings.  Maps.

So why are you rooting around in the basement of a burned down abbey?  Well, the guy at the pub assured you, with a greedy look in his eye, that his conniving partner brought all the loot down here.  The barmaid concurred: many that go down here don’t come back out again!  So, the treasure must still be somewhere around here, right?

Beneath the Abbey is ripped straight from the pages of AD&D, a classic dungeon stocked Crom’s Way, according to the method laid down by Moldvay and Gygax.  Run with 5e D&D rules, but stripped down for an Old School feel.  For 1st level PCs, a link boy, and a bootblack or two, the emphasis will be on player skill, roleplay, looting the dungeon, and overcoming enemies – not necessarily slaughtering them.  Featuring (temporary) race-as-class adjustments for real-OSR vibe, insidious cultists, vermin-ridden proto-humans, and lurching undead.  You’re sure to be reminded of that game you played back in ’83!

1st Level 5e PCs are welcome, and a wealth of vintage Greyhawk pre-generated heroes will be provided for your delight.  We’ll provide everything else you need for adventure!

Sunday 2:00pm (Mar 17)
Sunday 6:00pm (Mar 17)
Type of Event:
Old School, RPG
  • Noah Stevens Noah Stevens
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  • Noah Stevens Noah Stevens