Event: Dungeon Crawl Classics: Portal Under The Stars


Dungeon Crawl Classics:  Portal Under the Stars.

For long years, you labored in the fields like all the peasants, sweating hot and dirty in the summer, only to shiver under threadbare hides when winter came. This year’s harvest ended like all the rest, and autumn’s work was hard on Old Man Roberts. When you visited his bedside at the end, he spoke in labored breaths of constellations that hadn’t been seen since he was a young lad. The last time the Empty Star had risen in the sky, it was more than fifty winters past, he said. Under the light of that strange star a portal had opened by the old stone mounds. He’d seen jewels in there and fine steel spears and enameled armor, but he’d run when the iron men had attacked. Now, old and dying, he wishes he’d taken the chance on a life of adventure. The Empty Star is once more rising, and a young man with courage could be more than just another peasant – if only he’d take the chance Old Man Robert hadn’t.  Now its your turn, will you take that chance?

Return to the glory days of fantasy with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game.  Adventure as 1974 intended you to, with modern rules grounded in the origins of sword & sorcery.  Fast play, cryptic secrets, and a mysterious past await!

A four-hour adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG for zero level characters.  No experience necessary, all materials provided.



Friday 9:00am (Mar 15)
Friday 1:00pm (Mar 15)
Type of Event:
Old School, RPG
  • Paul Aparicio Paul Aparicio
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Players: (2/6)

  • Clint Woodworth Clint Woodworth
  • Matthew Tullius Matthew Tullius