Event: Paint & Take


Feel like painting?  Want to practice, learn, or teach?

Well we will have a pile of free miniatures and paints for you. And you get to take the miniature home with you afterwards!

Just show up, pick out a mini, sit down, and start painting.  (Repeat as desired!)


Sunday 12:00pm (Mar 17)
Sunday 5:00pm (Mar 17)
Not Limited
Type of Event:
Geek Culture, Learn with Us
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Players: (20)

  • Alex Froelke Alex Froelke
  • Anna Murcko Anna Murcko
  • Clark Richey Clark Richey
  • David Sheldon David Sheldon
  • Ethan Bright Ethan Bright
  • Heather Kasper Heather Kasper
  • Jared Liscinsky Jared Liscinsky
  • Jennifer Froelke Jennifer Froelke
  • Kate Welling Kate Welling
  • Katie Leser Katie Leser
  • Luke Welling Luke Welling
  • Morgana Froelke Morgana Froelke
  • Riley Davis Riley Davis
  • Rowan Davis Rowan Davis
  • Savannah Richey Savannah Richey
  • Shannon Richey Shannon Richey
  • Stephanie Davis Davis Stephanie Davis Davis
  • Terry Comer Terry Comer
  • Trinityrose Froelke Trinityrose Froelke
  • Vangelica Froelke Vangelica Froelke