Event: PFS09-06: The Shores of Heaven


Pathfinder Society:  The Shores of Heaven.

The Pathfinder Valais Durant has lead a troubled existence, ever since the demon-worshipping former venture-captain Thurl fused her body with parts from two demons.  Pathfinder agents destroyed one of the demons, bringing some solace to Valais and allowing her to resume a somewhat normal life.  However, the remaining demon’s essence recently asserted control in an event that could have resulted in great bloodshed were it not for Valais’s quick thinking.  If the Pathfinders are to restore her to her original form, they need help, and the Society has just a contact who can escort them into the libraries of Heaven itself to uncover a powerful healing ritual.  Navigating the customs and laws of Heaven is only the first of the challenges that faces the PCs, for they seek to purge demonic forces from Valais without raising the ire of Heaven’s inhabitants or risking the fate of her soul.

A four-hour Pathfinder Society scenario designed for characters levels 1-5.  Contents in The Shores of Heaven also contribute directly to the ongoing storyline of the Silver Crusade faction.

Sunday 9:00am (Mar 17)
Sunday 1:00pm (Mar 17)
Type of Event:
Pathfinder, RPG
  • Zachary Davis Zachary Davis
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