Event: Soul of the Empire


Soul of the Empire is a 2-4 player, 2 hour, asymmetric strategy game about life in the first century. Players take on the perspective of Romans, Christians, Jews, or a Coalition of outside cultures (Germanic Tribes, Goths, & Parthians) in an effort to accomplish their faction’s unique objectives using asymmetric advantages. Mechanically, Soul of the Empire uses dice-driven action selection, deterministic combat with faction effects, culturally-based Power decks, and an objective point system to heighten tension between the factions. Thematically, Soul of the Empire explores the tensions between and motivations behind the four dominant worldviews of the period. Rome is at the height of it’s power, but is overextended in the face of both internal divisions and external challengers. Jews zealously protect their spiritual heritage from a rapidly spreading sect, and chafe under the thumb of an increasingly oppressive Rome. The Coalition struggles to survive beset by relentless Roman expansion, harsh environments, and confusing beliefs which threaten the old ways. Meanwhile, Christians find their strength in weakness, victory in defeat, and purpose in the very people who persecute them mercilessly.

Saturday 9:00am (Mar 16)
Saturday 11:00am (Mar 16)
Type of Event:
Board Game, Scheduled Game with GM
  • Scott Mohnkern Scott Mohnkern
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Players: (2/4)

  • Eugene Pappas Eugene Pappas
  • Scott Mohnkern Scott Mohnkern