Event: Traveller Ascension: Imperial Warrant


“The Long Night ends, the Ascension begins!” – CLEON, EMPEROR OF THE IMPERIUM

It is the dawn of the Third Imperium. The Solomani War has ended, and the vast Terran empire claimed from the Valani has finally crumbled. Worlds spread throughout distant sub-sectors of space have lost all communications; they either survived or fell into darkness during the Long Night. The Valani empire has been biding its time, licking its wounds from the war. At last, the Emperor has decreed the Ascension; a reclamation of lost, but not forgotten, worlds the Solomani left behind. It is through you that the Emperor will reach out and reclaim what was once his.

Traveller Ascension™: Imperial Warrant lets you take the helm of untold adventures, space-faring exploration and the thrill of uncovering long-lost riches left from the First Imperium. Granted an Imperial Warrant from the Emperor, you will Expand, Explore and Exploit any surviving world and bring it back into the Imperium’s fold. Rewards come only to those who are bold enough to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to Expand and to Exploit this new area for the glory of the Imperium… and for your own fame and glory.

Saturday 1:00pm (Mar 16)
Saturday 5:00pm (Mar 16)
Type of Event:
Board Game, Scheduled Game with GM
  • Jon Stout Jon Stout
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