Help Out

We can’t run a huge event like this all by ourselves and that’s where you can come in.  We are always looking for people willing to give us a hand, such as:

        People willing to help with setup, teardown, registration desk, our library, etc.

        People who want to host a tournament, run a demo, or be a DM for a group of RPG adventures. (NOTE: RPG Submissions are currently closed as our RPG room is scheduled full!)

Entertainers/Panelists/Fan Support:
        Do you have an activity, skill, or specialized knowledge and want to share it with people?

How to Apply

If you are interested in helping in any of those ways, there’s a couple steps we need to ask you to take.  First of all, make sure you read the rest of this page which has important information you’ll need to know.    Then you can use the online form we’ve set up to give us your information.  It may take a few days for us to respond.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accept all the submissions.  If you have any questions you can always drop us an email and we will be happy to chat.


We want to recognize the amount of effort put towards helping us run the event, and therefore have a compensation program that will reward you with free BFGcon tickets for helping us out.

The short version1The long version of our compensation policy is a bit more complex. Our volunteer shifts are 5hrs long but for everything else, we look at things in terms of ‘gamer-hours’.  Basically how many attendees will you be entertaining, multiplied by how many hours your game will last.  We want to see 20gamer-hours in a proposal in order to consider it to qualify for the free ticket.  Run an RPG game for 4hrs at a table for 7 other players?  That’s 28 gamer-hours.  Hosting a panel that lasts 1 hour, but we could expect 20 people to attend?  20 gamer-hours.  Run a demo of a board game that is for only 2 players besides yourself?  You’d need to do that for 10 hours (or combine it with other activities) to get your free day.  In practice though, this doesn’t matter.  We are very flexible, and if we’ve accepted your proposal, we will confirm the time that you’ll get. of this is that if we accept your proposal, that for each shift that you volunteer, tournament that you run, or RPG session that you GM, we are happy to offer you a free 1-day ticket to the con.  Run multiple events, and you can get more free days.  We’ll give you a discount code when you are accepted to let you register and you can always choose to upgrade your ticket to higher levels. (Does not include Early Bird pricing)


All of our volunteers, GMs, panelists, and anyone helping us out, are must agree to abide by the following:

  • You are expected to show up on time to your scheduled activity, and be able to stay through the end.
  • You are expected to bring all the materials that you need and to have communicated to us well in advance any additional requirements that you had.
  • You agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.
  • You will be an extension of our eyes and ears during your time on shift. You will ensure that everyone participating has a valid attendee badge, and promptly report any issues to us via channels that will be made available to you.
  • You will ensure that your area is left clean and put back in the original state it began (or better).
  • All activities at BFGcon are to be kept at a family-friendly level. Profanity and vocal volume should be kept to a minimum, and sexually explicit imagery is forbidden.
  • If running a game:
    • You will keep to the proposal that you made, and not substantially change the nature of the game from it.
    • We expect a high level of attention to be put towards a quality gaming experience. Those who receive poor reviews from our attendees, or who show up unprepared, will not be invited back to GM again in the future.
    • In order to be fair to paying attendees, you must agree that signups for your event are first-come, first-served, with no spaces being held for your friends. For events such as tournaments and RPGs that have limited attendance, we will use an online signup tool in advance of the event.
  • Finally, we do understand that issues happen. We expect you to make a good faith effort to uphold your side of this agreement, and to contact us as early as possible if you are concerned so that we can work towards an amicable solution. In recognition of the possibility of catastrophic events (fire, death, etc.) One for All Events, Inc. and our volunteers agree to hold each other legally blameless for failure to deliver the agreed-upon terms in the instance of such events.