Clarion Inn & Event Center

Where is this?  It will take place at the Clarion Inn & Event Center in Frederick, MD.  We have an AMAZING discounted hotel rate for attendees and a really unique event space that we look forward to sharing with you. This is a full-service venue with restaurant & bar, as well as fun features such as a pool and indoor putt-putt course. There is plenty of free parking available to attendees, and if you manage to find time to leave the venue during the event, it’s next door to the FSK mall, giving you many options for food and shopping.

Address: 5400 Holiday Drive, Frederick, MD 21703
Phone: (301) 694-7500

Event Space

If you came last year, you know we used the courtyard and a few meeting rooms.  Well, this year we have booked the entire venue instead utilizing all the space available at the Clarion Inn.  This is fully three times as much space as we had last year and we are working on expanding our offerings to utilize the space well, allowing everyone to enjoy the geeky pursuits they most enjoy, without being disturbed by other activities.  This will include having board games still in the courtyard but moving RPGs and War Gaming into the ballroom giving them tons of space.  Having our entertainment & concerts take place in the bar/lounge on the built-in stage, and dedicated rooms for card games and panels!