Just a spot to hold those details that don’t fit anywhere else, and to share answers to the questions that we do in fact get asked!

  • Can I do <insert thing here> at BFGcon?
    • The answer is probably yes, as long as it’s related to gaming or geek culture. You can always email us to clarify. Also, make sure to check out our Help Us page if you are looking to run an activity.
  • How do I sign up for games with limited spaces?  Can I make a customized schedule for myself?
    • Last year we used a 3rd party solution for this, and it caused some confusion, so we are building a dedicated solution for BFGcon.  When you buy a ticket, you’ll receive an email with account information that will let you log in to this website.  You’ll be able to use that to reserve your space at an event by just browsing our schedule and clicking on events you want to attend.  However, we won’t be opening up that feature immediately. We will announce dates soon as to when we will allow people to sign up for games.  VIP ticket holders will have the first priority to sign up, and then a week or two later we’ll open signups for everyone else!

That’s it for now.  Check back later for more updates!