Just a spot to hold those details that don’t fit anywhere else, and to share answers to the questions that we do in fact get asked!

  • How is BFGcon preparing for COVID-19 (the Corona Virus)
  • How do I sign up for games with limited spaces?
    • We have a custom software solution we’ve built for this year.  Everyone who buys a ticket will get an account they can use to Login to the website.  Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to go to any event page through the schedule, and sign up for events that you want to participate in.
  • When do signups for games open?
    • Gold VIP Tickets open for signup on Tues., Feb. 11th @6PM
      Electrum & Silver open for signup on Thurs. Feb. 13th @6PM
      Everyone can signup on Sat., Feb. 15th @10AM
  • When will I get my account details?
    • If you’ve purchased your ticket before the appropriate signup dates, just be patient.  You will get your account details at some point before signups begin.   
  • Can I see a customized schedule for myself?
    • Yes!  After you’ve started to add things to your schedule, you can see a full list of those items on your customized Profile Page.
  • Can I do <insert thing here> at BFGcon?
    • The answer is probably yes, as long as it’s related to gaming or geek culture. You can always email us to clarify. Also, make sure to check out our Help Us page if you are looking to run an activity.
  • Changing profile information
    • Your profile photo is a gravatar, based on your email address, and completely controllable by you.  Just head to the gravatar website to learn how to change it for all websites that use them.  (NOTE: At this point in time the other profile information is not changeable, we will be fixing that in a future software update)
  • What is there to do?
    • Not a silly question as we have so many things it can be hard to figure that out!  We have RPGs & Wargaming in the Ballroom and Board Games and CCGs in the Courtyard.  There’s also a bunch of other great geek culture events; check out the full schedule online.
  • How do I join a game?
    • If the game has limited signups, online you need to refer to the question “How do I sign up for games with limited space?” above. Once at BFGcon you need to go to the room and check the signup sheets to snag a space.  For open gaming, well, just find some (new) friends also looking for a game.  You can find people mingling near the Board Game Library and at the GM HQ in the RPG room.  We also have giant meeple we use as signs for people looking for players, so if you see one of those on a table, go introduce yourself!
  • What about food?
    • Hey, you have to keep your strength up for 24/7 gaming! The hotel serves breakfast for all hotel guests (and others can buy a breakfast voucher at the hotel desk.  At lunchtime, the hotel will have a snack bar with pre-packaged food and a lunch buffet for purchase ahead of time (Electrum & Gold Tickets) or onsite. In the evenings the Longshots Bar will offer BBQ themed food and beverages (including adult ones).  Feel free to take your food and drinks back to your gaming table.  Just don’t get the games dirty.  Of course we are also right next to the mall, with many restaurants within easy walking distance.
  • Do I have to wear my badge?
    • Yes please! While we won’t have staff at doors guarding access to rooms, we will be having all our facilitators and GMs checking that everyone who is sitting to play has a valid badge.
  • What are all these weird RPG listings? DDAL? GHR? PFS?
    • Welcome to the exciting world of living campaign roleplaying!  These all refer to modules in various RPG games that run constantly with millions of players joining in.  You’ll find D&D Adventurers League, Greyhawk Reborn, and Pathfinder Society, as well as many other RPG games here. These campaigns each have their own rules/quirks and are amazing experiences, plus they’re great places to learn to play.  Just stop in at the GM HQ in the Ballroom and we’ll help you get started!
  • Some things on the schedule have a ($), what gives?
    • Well, everything in life can’t be free.  Some games by their nature have additional costs involved, such as a Magic the Gathering draft (where you need to buy the packs you open during the event).  All these events are run by a 3rd party, and you’ll pay them directly for the product you need before playing.
  • You mentioned a Board Game Library?
    • Absolutely!  Head into Monocacy–just off the Courtyard and you’ll find shelves full of games that you can check out and play as much as you want!  Just return them to the facilitators afterward and take care of them while playing as if they were your own.
  • Is the event family-friendly?
    • Yes, we work hard to make BFGcon a great experience for everyone, young and old.  We welcome the youngest of folks in experiencing the awesomeness of geek culture.  This year we have specific content that is marked kid-friendly. Also, we will have content marked 18+ where appropriate. If you have any questions, just ask the facilitator in charge of the activity.
  • Are there cosplay rules?
    • We only have one rule right now, and that is: Don’t make us create more detailed cosplay rules because of you.  Have fun, do what you will, but remember that this is supposed to be family-friendly.  Keep it PG (except in designated 18+ activities) and keep it safe (no live steel), etc.
  • Is there a lost & found?
    • Sure thing!  If you lost something (or are looking for something) just head back to the Registration/Info desk, and we’ll be happy to help you.

That’s it for now.  Check back later for more updates!