Board Games

Open Gaming

We will have open gaming space set up all weekend long at all hours for people who want to game.  Feel free to bring whatever games you are interested in playing, but we’ll also have a wall full of board games available for you to borrow!  Find people to join a game you’ve always wanted to play, or find some new friends who are looking for players.  (We will have table signs available to help you find the type of playgroup you want!)


We are excited to host the 2020 Maryland State Board Game Championships!  Winning these games will earn you prizes that include a ticket to DEXCON 23 in July to compete in the Regional Championships, where you can win a free ticket to GenCon to play in the Nationals!

We’ll also have lots of other tournaments sponsored by various other groups. Visit the 2019 Tournament page to see last year’s games.

Check back soon for more information about the tournaments as we get them scheduled!

Play to Win

Once again we will host an amazing selection of Play To Win games via our connections with various game publishers.  They donate games to us that we let you play.  At the end of the day, you are entered in a chance to win a copy of that game!  We’ll begin to have a list of these games posted in the January timeframe.

Game Demos

We’ve already had a number of people reach out to us about having some professionally run demonstrations of various games (both new and old). Come and check out a game that you’ve always been interested in!