Play to Win

While attending BFGcon you have a chance to win board games just by playing them! In addition to our large game library that we will have available for open play, we have a number of games donated to us by our supporters.

By playing these games, you will be entered into a drawing to win the copy you played!  Each person who plays has a chance to win! (One entry, per game, per player). Each game will be marked with what day it’s being given away but you can play future day’s games in advance to be entered!

We will post the winners each day at 5pm in the board game room, near the play to win shelves, and at the registration desk.  (All games must be picked up by 6pm on Sunday or will be donated to the BFGcon game library for the future)

Games in our play to win this year:

This year’s list of Play to Win games is below. We will be updating the list as new games arrive. Take a look at last year’s play-to-win to get an idea of what we will have.

Champions of Earth