Reverse Game Auction

The Auction has been canceled to limit virus contact surfaces.

Do you have a pile of games and gaming supplies at home that you never play anymore? Or are you interested in picking up some new-to-you games at a good price? Either way, you’ll want to take part in our reverse auction on Saturday (March 14th)

How does it work?

Sellers will put their games for sale up on our shelves, and buyers can peruse them and purchase as they wish. All items will be marked with 3 prices.  Sales will open at 11am, and the prices will drop to the middle price at 1pm, and the final price at 2pm.  The longer you wait to buy, the lower the price you pay, but wait too long and someone else might buy it instead!

For Buyers:

You don’t need to do anything special, just show up and be ready to buy. We will take both cash and credit for purchases. We won’t be allowing any window shopping before 11am unless you are registering games for sale as well, and just before each price drop we will be asking everyone to leave temporarily and form a line, so that people can’t grab a game in their arms at a few minutes before a price drop and wait to get it cheaper. When 3pm rolls around, that’s it. The auction closes.

For Sellers:

We’ve worked to make this as smooth of a process as possible for you.  Just bring your games to us between 8am and 11am to place them on the shelves. Please make sure your games are securely closed with a rubber band if possible. When you show up we have a short form you need to fill out for each game that has your information and the prices. You can speed up this process by printing off the form at home and doing it in advance, which we truly appreciate!. Do make sure that you have reasonable price drops at each time, don’t just put the same price in all three slots. Remember that you may get a lower price than if you sold this on eBay, but you didn’t have to pay for shipping!

Return to us at 3pm to pick up your proceeds and any games that didn’t sell. We will write you a check or send you the money via PayPal. We will be taking a 10% commission from the sale, to offset credit card fees and support next year’s BFGcon. If your games are not picked up by 4pm, they will be added to the BFGcon Game Library and considered a donation.