Geek Culture

We have a whole team dedicated to bringing you everything that you might want from the worlds of fandom.  We are still fleshing out all the details at the moment, but there is a lot more to come!


We are currently setting up a full schedule of panels in a dedicated room, covering topics such as World Design, GM skills, Technology, Gaming History, and more!


Last year we had a few people show up in cosplay and it was amazing.  This year we are supporting it more fully with a cosplay show, and maybe some competitions!

Fan Tables

Are you involved with a fan group and want a table to show off what you do and recruit more members?  We’d love to host you! Just drop us an email to start the discussion.

Special Guests

We are currently working on inviting some very special guests to be here that weekend and take part in all the fun!

Other Activities

We are looking at hosting an escape room, having paint-and-take sessions, LARP sessions, and dedicated 18+ events each evening. If you have an idea, then contact us to let us know what you want to see!