Hosting an Event

Event Proposal Process

Because we only have limited space at our venue. We need everyone who wishes to host an event at BFGcon to fill out a proposal for us that we can evaluate. You should get a response promptly, though it may take longer for final decisions. Also before filling out the form make sure that you have read through our Event Host Policy. It lays out the expectations that we will have of you, as well as our compensation policy.

Why host an event at BFGcon?

BFGcon is a tabletop gaming event that brings over a thousand gamers & geek culture fans to Frederick, MD each March. It’s an amazing opportunity to host an event with a large audience already being assembled for you! RPGs, board games, panels, wargaming, performances, LARPs, podcasts, films, and much much more can be run at BFGcon.

Whether you are a company, a group, or just yourself, we are happy to provide space for you at BFGcon to show off what you’ve got. There are tons of great reasons to host events at BFGcon, such as:

If you are a game company, it’s the best way to get feedback on your upcoming games and build awareness around current titles. We can even work with our vendors to make sure they have copies of your game in stock. If you are a vendor it’s a wonderful way to show off the products and services that you sell.

For gamers, it’s how you can share a game you love with a large audience. Maybe convert some of them to fans or at least guarantee that you’ll have a chance to play a game that you love (all weekend long) and make new gaming friends in the process.

Performers, streamers, podcasters, cosplay artists and many more can use a special event or panel as a way get more people interested in what you do and increase your fanbase! There’s something for everyone!

We look forward to seeing what fun events you want to host! If you have any questions please drop us an email and we will be happy to chat.