AMV Hell 0 (18+)

Come “enjoy” this 18+ presentation of AMV Hell 0 – a fascinating look at all that can go wonderfully wrong in the world of animated videos.

AMV Hell was an Anime Music Video that was created in 2004 which was made up of a collection of incomplete comedy AMVs. It became fairly popular, and eventually spawned an entire series of multi-editor projects, bringing together work from hundreds of AMV creators. A later spin-off called AMV Minis continued the fun. Both series are no longer active, but you can still find information and downloads for all of the videos right here. AMV Hell serves as a time capsule of anime fandom, pop culture, and internet memes.

A Geek Culture event

Sat 12:00am (Mar 14)
Sat 1:00am (Mar 14)
Glass Room
Not Limited
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