CCC-MALTH-002 A Twisted Harvest: The Jackal’s Justice

The town of Elmwood has seen its share of tragedy, and somehow, things keep getting worse. While the town recovers from a devastating plague, the constable informs adventurers that the bodies of the dead have been disappearing. She believes the disappearances may be tied to a young woman known as the Jackal. If the Jackal is behind the disappearances, what does she want with Elmwood’s dead? The constable tasks adventurers with finding an answer to this question, and if necessary, with stopping the Jackal.

The Jackal’s Justice is a four hour adventure optimized for APL 8 and part two of the A Twisted Harvest series of adventurers. You must have a legal tier 2 Adventurers League character to participate.

A Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League event for characters level 5-10 (Tier 2)

What is the Adventurers League?

This is the official organized play campaign for D&D, the world's most famous and popular Role Playing Game, using the 5th edition ruleset. Players take the roles of wizards and warriors and find their way through a hostile fantasy environment. Each player must have an Adventurers League legal character with them. Learn more about the D&D Adventurers League.

A Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League scheduled RPG game for characters level 5-10 (Tier 2)

Fri 2:00pm (Mar 13)
Fri 6:00pm (Mar 13)
  • Matthew McDaniel Matthew McDaniel
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