CCC-TRI-22: On the Baron’s Trail

Following the destruction of the Thunderbound and the Ark of the Mountains, the cloud giant known as Baron Rajiram, remains at-large. A lead from the Harpers has brought the party to the city of Hulburg in pursuit of one of the Baron’s known accomplices. If they can locate his partner-in-crime, the party will be a step closer to finally apprehending the Baron and bringing him to justice.

On the Baron’s Trail is Part One of the Storm Series. You must have a legal tier 3 Adventurers League character to participate. 

A Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League event for characters level 11-16 (Tier 3)

What is the Adventurers League?

This is the official organized play campaign for D&D, the world's most famous and popular Role Playing Game, using the 5th edition ruleset. Players take the roles of wizards and warriors and find their way through a hostile fantasy environment. Each player must have an Adventurers League legal character with them. Learn more about the D&D Adventurers League.

A Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League scheduled RPG game for characters level 11-16 (Tier 3)

Fri 9:00am (Mar 13)
Fri 1:00pm (Mar 13)
  • C David Dent C David Dent
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