CCC-TRI-34: Rise of the Sea Dragon

Old pirates tell an aged tale of a black dragon attacking merchant ships sailing the Moonsea. The beast was slain, or so they thought. Recently, merchant ships have been attacked, and they say the culprit was a black dragon. The beast may fly away with a few victims, but it leaves the rest to fend for themselves in the Moonsea. Could this be the same creature from before? Can the adventurers slay the dragon and bring peace to the waters of the Moonsea?

Rise of the Sea Dragon is a two-hour adventure optimized for APL 5. It is part three of the Dead Man series of adventures.

A Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League event for characters level 5-10 (Tier 2)

What is the Adventurers League?

This is the official organized play campaign for D&D, the world's most famous and popular Role Playing Game, using the 5th edition ruleset. Players take the roles of wizards and warriors and find their way through a hostile fantasy environment. Each player must have an Adventurers League legal character with them. Learn more about the D&D Adventurers League.

A Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League scheduled RPG game for characters level 5-10 (Tier 2)

Sun 2:00pm (Mar 15)
Sun 4:00pm (Mar 15)
  • Angela Palmarozzo Angela Palmarozzo
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