D&D FifthCore Team Deathmatch Tournament!

D&D like you’ve never played it before! 8 D&D characters enter the arena for 60 minutes of fast-paced 4 vs. 4 deathmatch action. You died? Don’t worry, it happens a lot. You’ll just respawn on your next turn, and the carnage will continue. The team with the least number of deaths at the end of the time limit is declared the winner! And don’t forget that the arena is an integral part of your strategy. Every arena has its own features and advantages – no two are the same. Understanding the terrain could mean the difference between sweet victory and bitter defeat. Bring a complete team (you and three friends), or just bring yourself, and we’ll put teams together at the convention. Bringing your own character is recommended (see below), but pregens will also be available. To prepare for this tournament, you will need to bring a 3rd level character. All player options in hardback books are legal. No Unearthed Arcana. There are three small changes to character creation: 1. Hit Points at level 1 are calculated in the same way as all other levels (i.e., you don’t get max HP at level 1) 2. Every character gets one bonus feat. 3. There are no “starting equipment packages.” You get 500 gp to equip your character.

Kill or be Killed! D&D FifthCore Team Deathmatch Tournament is an event for 16 players. This event is a tournament style event.

Sat 2:00pm (Mar 14)
Sat 6:00pm (Mar 14)
  • Casey Ross Casey Ross
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