Delving the Deeps: Mental Health for Gamers

This  is a forum where gamer-oriented people can learn some basic information that will provide tools and resources for better mental health and tips to improve functioning, and especially tips for group dynamics and communication in gaming environments (and other places)!

Presented by Noah Stevens and Jess Marcum

Noah Matthew Stevens, LCPC, Counselor in FrederickNoah Stevens is a licensed clinical professional counselor in Maryland. He has been a roleplayer/wargamer/videogamer since approximately 1980, and is the author of The Hapless Henchman blog.  His gaming focus lately is on writing and playing for Dungeon Crawl Classics, learning 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, and helping his daughter figure out Stardew Valley

bio pic.jpgBy day, Jessica Marcrum is a licensed social worker in Pennsylvania working in private practice with a focus in trauma recovery. By night, she is an Ennie-nominated, best-selling creator of role-playing games, adventures, and supplements. Her Pugmire stream Paws and Claws: Lost Tails of Pugmire was one of TheOnyxPath’s pilot Twitch streams and is currently in its second season. She also runs her own ttrpg liveplay Twitch channel, angrynerdgirl, which is devoted to inclusivity and safe play. Her recent projects include producing the Book of Seasons anthologies and creating tabaxi-themed subclasses for DnD 5e.

A discussion panel on the chosen topic

Sun 12:30pm (Mar 15)
Sun 1:30pm (Mar 15)
Glass Room
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