Dungeon Crawl Classics: Prince Charming, Reanimator

The local noble has pressed you into service to find and rescue his fiance, who is trapped somewhere in this decrepit castle filled with monsters and ancient evil. You daren’t disobey, but only a fool would enter this place! Each player runs 2-4 peasants through a possibly-very-dangerous Family and slightly-older kid friendly!

Prince Charming, Reanimator is a four-hour adventure for the Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg. No experience required, all materials provided.

Glory & Gold Won by Sorcery & Sword

You’re no hero.

You’re an adventurer: a reaver, a cutpurse, a heathen-slayer, a tight-lipped warlock guarding long-dead secrets. You seek gold and glory, winning it with sword and spell, caked in the blood and filth of the weak, the dark, the demons, and the vanquished. There are treasures to be won deep underneath, and you shall have them.

Return to the glory days of fantasy with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. Adventure as 1974 intended you to, with modern rules grounded in the origins of sword & sorcery. Fast play, cryptic secrets, and a mysterious past await you: turn the page…

Learn more about DCC: https://goodman-games.com/dungeon-crawl-classics-rpg/

Fri 8:00pm (Mar 13)
Sat 12:00am (Mar 14)
  • Noah Stevens Noah Stevens
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