Edge of the Empire: Star Wars RPG

Put yourself in the shoes of a bounty hunter, pilot, smuggler and more, set in the world of Star Wars. Learn how to play Fantasy Flight’s Edge of the Empire RPG. Even if you’ve never played an RPG or if you don’t know much about Star Wars, this session aims at teaching new players how to play. Choose a character and within minutes, the dice will hit the table and you’ll be on your way to adventure set in a galaxy far far away. Recommended age 10+

Learn to play Edge of the Empire is a four-hour tabletop role playing game from Fantasy Flight Games set in the Star Wars Universe. No experience needed, all materials provided.

Grim and Gritty Adventures in the Star Wars Galaxy. Thousands of places across the galaxy exist on the Edge of the Empire where the influence of the Core Worlds’ laws and regulations are dimmed or muted. In an Edge of the Empire campaign, bounty hunters, smugglers, mercenaries, and explorers may find themselves working alongside doctors, politicians, and scholars. Learn more: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-edge-of-the-empire/

Fri 2:00pm (Mar 13)
Fri 6:00pm (Mar 13)
  • Franky Von Reichenbach Franky Von Reichenbach
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