Movie: Eye of the Beholder — The Art of Dungeons & Dragons

Official Website: eyeofthebeholdermovie.com

SYNOPSIS: EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: The Art of Dungeons and Dragons is an exciting new documentary that explores the history, influence, and stories behind the artwork that helps create the worlds in which we all play. The movie profiles D&D artists – both past and present – and also features former TSR insiders, game designers, authors, and fans. EYE OF THE BEHOLDER is a celebration of the art we all love so much.

Presented by: Cavegirl Productions is a Washington, DC-area independent film, tv and internet media production company. In addition to 13 short films, Cavegirl Productions produced the dramedy feature film about tabletop roleplaying gamers, OF DICE AND MEN. OF DICE AND MEN is now available on Amazon Prime. Cavegirl Productions also co-produced the award-winning fantasy web series pilot, THE BROKEN CONTINENT.

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