Fai Chen’s Fantastic Faire

Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire

The Faire consists of three activities: Trading Items. Purchasing Items, and Redeeming Soul Coins. A Player may participate in all three activities ONCE per day and may use a different character for each activity. Each Player should create an Adventure Log entry for Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire for each character that will participate in an activity. Please have this log entry filled out when you come to the Faire.

Fai-Chen has kindly provided us with a list of his wares so that you may plan accordingly.

Potion Prices

Potion Type            Cost
Greater Healing     100gp
Resistance (fire)    100gp
Superior Healing  500gp

Spell Scrolls Prices

Spell Level    Cost*
Cantrip          25gp
1st                   75gp
2nd                 150gp
3rd                  300 gp
4th                  500 gp
5th                  1,000gp

*The cost of scrolls above is in addition to any component cost.

Seasonal Permanent Magic Items

Item (Rarity)
+1 Weapon (Uncommon*)
+1 Shield (Uncommon*)
Cloak of Protection (Uncommon)
Eversmoking Bottle (Uncommon)
Wand of Magic Detection (Uncommon)
Bardic Instrument:Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern (Uncommon)
+1 Armor (Rare*)
+2 Weapon (Rare*)
Wand of Fireballs (Rare)
Figurine of Wondrous Power: Obsidian Steed (Very Rare)
Helm of Brilliance (Very Rare)

Redeeming Soul Coins with Fai Chen

Soul Coin Charges         Benefit
1                                         Common Potion or Scroll
1                                         5 packets of smokepowder
3                                        Rare Potion or Scroll
3                                        Vanity Item worth 100 gp or less
6                                        Vanity Item worth 500 gp or less
9                                        Uncommon Permanent Item
9                                        Vanity Item worth 1000 gp or less
27                                      Rare Permanent Item

Special Items (Limited Quantities, while supplies last)

Fiendish Fly Swarm 50gp
Dhhog the Hell Puppy 50gp
Hero’s Snack 150gp
Lucky Infernal Coin 25gp

Learn more about Fai Chen’s Fantastic Faire.

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