Hollow Earth Expedition: The Nemo Diaries

London, 1926. King George is on the throne, the city is dealing with a labor strike, and the scars of the Great War are still visible. Our heroes find themselves at a charity event for the London Literary Library Association, featuring a display of the Nemo Diaries. The papers, officially considered to be notes penned by Jules Verne while writing 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, are rumored to actually contain the secrets of the mysterious captain’s terrifying technological achievements and can’t be allowed to fall in the wrong hands.

The Nemo Diaries is a four event for the Hollow Earth Expedition tabletop role playing game. No experience needed, all materials provided.

Hollow Earth Expedition is a pulp fiction role-playing game set in the fictitious Hollow Earth (see Hollow Earth theory), published by Exile Game Studio. Hollow Earth Expedition is set in the 1930s. On the surface, everything appears as it does in our real world history books, but if you dig a little deeper you encounter secret societies and villainous organizations, many of whom have a vested interest in the Hollow Earth!

Fri 8:00pm (Mar 13)
Sat 12:00am (Mar 14)
  • Nestor Rodriguez Nestor Rodriguez
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