How to Rule the World: GMing for Beginners

We are in a golden age of RPGs, and people of all ages are getting involved; newcomers, especially kids, are often excited to get started, but are intimidated by the mantle of Game Master. In this kid-friendly, system-agnostic workshop, we will talk about and work through some activities to help equip people with the tools they need to succeed in the wonderful world of roleplaying!

Presented by Rebecca Lawrence

Rebecca firmly believes that with a little courage, an open mind, and a willingness to tell stories, make mistakes, and have fun doing it, games can be for everyone! She has 10 years of experience with Organized Play initiatives, including as a Magic: the Gathering judge, and takes a special interest in systems mastery – understanding what makes a game “tick” and how those parts interact – and is often working to improve existing systems through hacking and playtesting. You’ll often find her behind the GM screen at an RPG table, or deep in thought over a strategy game.

A discussion panel on the chosen topic

Sun 2:00pm (Mar 15)
Sun 3:00pm (Mar 15)
Glass Room
  • Rebecca Lawrence Rebecca Lawrence
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