2020 Maryland State Championships: ICECOOL2 Tournament

The tournament will be a 16-person, multi-round tournament. The winner of this tournament will get a trophy, a copy of the game, plus a seat at the final round of the Northeast Regional Championship at DEXCON 23 (as well as a free badge to DEXCON 23)

What is ICECOOL2?

ICECOOL2 is a dexterity game that plays two-to-four players using its clever box-in-a-box system, where the box of the game, along with smaller boxes found inside the game box, all unpack and fit together to create the three-dimensional game board, which is a series of rooms with passages between one another. The player pieces are round-bottomed, weighted, plastic penguins that resemble small weebles. Players take turns being the hall monitor penguin, with the other players being the runner penguins. The goal is for the runners to flick their penguins through the three doors with their fish tokens above them, while the hall monitor tries to catch all the runners by knocking into them. Learn more about ICECOOL2.

A tournament for many players decided over multiple games.

Sat 3:00pm (Mar 14)
Sat 6:00pm (Mar 14)
001, 002, 006, 007
  • Gage Messick Gage Messick
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