D&D 5e Living Tal’Dorei LT02-03: One Man’s Trash

A Halfling Merchant got the worse end of a deal from someone claiming to be from Marquet. His despair was overheard while gambling in the Wishing Well. Luckily for him the new woman in charge Rosie overheard his plight and put her skills to work assembling some adventurers to do what she likes to call a “TwoFer”. Helping a kinsman merchant, and hopefully getting in Majordomo Prudence’s good graces.

New Opportunities is a four hour adventure set in the world of Matt Mercer’s Tal’Dorei. No experience needed, all materials provided.

Welcome to Living Tal’Dorei, a community based role-playing campaign set in Exandria, the wonderful world created by Matthew Mercer. Living Tal’Dorei is—first and foremost—a way for the Critter community to come together and join in role-playing adventures set in the beloved world born out of Critical Role. Living Tal’Dorei uses the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons rules system, (along with the supplemental Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting if desired) to quickly and easily create characters that can be brought to games anywhere Living Tal’Dorei is being played. Learn more about Living Tal’Dorei here: livingtaldorei.com

Sun 9:00am (Mar 15)
Sun 1:00pm (Mar 15)
  • Phil Cole Phil Cole
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