MC19-04: Leviathan Sleighride

The Jarl of Skogarholm promises great riches to whoever can bring him a magical figurehead from a shipwrecked vessel. Can you safely navigate the Nieder Straits to locate the shipwreck, or will your fortunes sink along with your boat? Note: This adventure was formerly titled Prow and Prejudice.

A 5th Edition adventure set in the world of Midgard for characters levels 1-4 by Benjamin L. Eastman. 

What is Midgard Chronicles?

Midgard Chronicles is a living-style Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Organized Play Campaign set in the Northlands of Kobold Press' Midgard.  The Northlands is an ancient Norse and medieval Polish inspired region stretching from the glacial heights of Jotunheim to the rough taiga of Wolfheim, to the vampire controlled former principality of Krakova. Players start at 1st level and continue with the same character from session to session by bringing with them their Chronicle records. Character generation information and further campaign information can be found on our Facebook group: Midgard Chronicles: A Living Campaign. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact them at midgard.chronicles.wdp@gmail.com. Your saga awaits in the Northlands.

A Midgard Chronicles Living Campaign RPG Session

Sun 9:00am (Mar 15)
Sun 1:00pm (Mar 15)
  • John Jones John Jones
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