Mega Civilization

Ever played the game Civilization but wished there was, well, more?

Like a game board stretched out over 7 feet?

With room and components for 18 players to build their own civilizations?

In a game that you can sit down and play for hours?

Introducing – duh duh duh daa! – Mega Civilization!

Crossroads Tabletop Tavern in Manassas, VA is bringing in their copy of Mega Civ just for you. You don’t need to know the game ahead of time because they’ll teach it. Bring some snacks and drinks, take bio breaks as you need them, and be prepared to make some new friends. After all, you’ll be spending 8,000 years together.

3pm – Onsite sign-ups end and instruction starts

4pm – The last Ice Age has ended and your population is growing. Time to build them a strong and balanced civilization.

2am – Have you made it through the Iron Age yet? Finish up the round and whoever has advanced their civilization the furthest will be declared the winner!

Learn more about Mega Civ here.

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Fri 3:00pm (Mar 13)
Sat 2:00am (Mar 14)
042, 043, 054, 055
  • Audrey Montgomery Audrey Montgomery
  • John Hornberger John Hornberger
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