CANCELED – Reverse Auction: Seller Drop-off

Canceled to limit exposure with surfaces that can pass on viruses.

From 8 am until 11 am sellers can bring their items to us in Winchester to prepare for the Reverse Game Auction (More details here)!  Please make sure to have them pre-labeled (see below) if you wish for a super quick drop-off process, and we’ll take care of the items while you go off to game.

We have a short form you need to fill out for each game that has your information and the prices. You can speed up this process by printing off the form at home and doing it in advance. Do make sure that you have reasonable price drops at each time, don’t just put the same price in all three slots.

The annual BFGcon game auction

Sat 8:00am (Mar 14)
Sat 11:00am (Mar 14)
Not Limited
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