Scavenger Hunt (Age 6-12)

A list of things to acquire (a picture with a “monster”, etc) or create (a new song about a dragon), with parental and staff assistance along the way, encouraging kids to be creative and problem solve (I’ll also hide some fun things around the site)! Teams can be as small as one kid and one parent, and the prize is for completion not timeliness, so folks are welcome to start at any point during the time slot, so long as their card is turned in to the GM by 8pm. Craft supplies from this morning will be made available for those who want to construct hunt items.

*Note* Parents are required to accompany children under 13

A fun activity to take part in at BFGcon

Kid's Track Activity

This event is especially suited to our younger attendees.

Fri 6:00pm (Mar 13)
Fri 8:00pm (Mar 13)
Not Limited
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